Recipe: Primal Chicken Kabobs

Paleo Chicken Kabobs

Today was another great day of eating primal. The morning started off with Amanda making some eggs and bacon. I’ve posted on how much we love eggs before. It’s one of our basic go-to breakfasts for mornings when we’re short on time and it’s packed with protein which keeps us full for hours.

Then, between running errands in the middle of the day Amanda found time to cook some delicious chicken skewers. They were so good that I think I could eat them every day for lunch.

These took about 10 minutes to prepare and cook. They were easy to make and it’s the only thing we had until dinner — so they kept us full. I know a lot of people ask what we eat and how we kill our cravings — but when eating food like this we don’t actually have cravings. They just sort of went away when we eliminated the heavy carbs.

Chicken Breasts
Bamboo Kabob Skewers
1 Bell Pepper
1 Tomato
Banana Peppers
Black Pepper
Garlic Powder
Sea Salt


1) Start off by frying the bacon in a skillet. Cook it until done, but not overly crispy.

2) Using the bacon grease (or oil of your choice), fry the chicken breasts in the skillet. We re-used the bacon grease for this, but you could use coconut oil or butter. Sprinkle the chicken with pepper and sea salt.

3) Cut up the bell pepper, banana pepper, tomato, and bacon into slices that are big enough to thread on the skewers and push all the meat and vegetables on the skewers in whatever order you wish.

4)  Put the skewer back in the pan and sprinkle with garlic powder. Turn it about every minute to grill the vegetables to your liking. Serve.

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  • I recently found your blog while doing a search for a primal blog. I an inspired! I’ll be tuning in. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Georgia. Thanks for checking out our blog! It’s funny because I think the longer we’re on it, the easier it is to stick to. It seems sort of strange to eat any other way now.

  • Thanks for sharing…love this recipe! I did kabobs last week with shrimp, onion, and grape tomatoes and then mixed the grilled food with corn and seasoned it with a southwest seasoning. I love the idea of using bacon though…looooove bacon! Haha :)

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