Recipe: Toasted Squash Seeds

Roasting Squash Seeds

Toasting Squash Seeds

Over the last few weeks I’ve posted a couple meals I’ve had with spaghetti squash. We try to follow the mantra of “waste-not, want-not” as much as possible. We hate throwing things away. That mantra carries over to cooking as well. Anything that can’t be consumed is composted.

There are no thrown out leftovers in our house. Leftovers are always consumed, sometimes even at the expense of eating a more appetizing food at the time. Food near expiration is used before rotating in new stock. Nothing is thrown out.

So when we make spaghetti squash, we end up with quite a collection of squash seeds — seeds that are quite delicious as long as you spend a few minutes to prepare them.

Sure, you can go out and pay $2.00 for a small pack of seeds at the store, or you can spend a few minutes and make them (healthier) at home, yourself.


Squash Seeds/Pumpkin Seeds
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Sea Salt


The basic process in toasting squash seeds is:

1) Separate the seeds from the pulp. This is definitely the messiest part of the job. If you’ve ever cut open a pumpkin you know what a thick gooey mess the pulp is.

Toasted Squash Seeds

Golden Squash Seeds. Yum.

2) Put the seeds in a small bowl and splash with EVOO and a dash of Sea Salt. It’s fine if there is still a little pulp on the seeds. It will crisp and cook off when you put it in the oven.

3. Place seeds on parchment paper and toast for 10 minutes at 375*F until golden. We used a small electric toaster oven for this so we didn’t have to fire up the big gas oven.

In the end you have a snack that is both very healthy and very paleo. You can also try substituting the sea salt for a variety of spices to make other delicious flavors of seeds.

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