My Personal Paleo Diet Results

I thought I would share with everyone the day I had today. It’s days like these that really motivate me to stick to our lifestyle.

This morning started off at school with one of my friends complimenting me on my hair and how shiny it is. We’re beauticians. She asked if I was using some new amazing product. But I’m really not. I told her it’s just because I’m not eating crap.

Later in the day I was doing a haircut for a customer and she complimented me on my “beautiful skin.” She asked what face wash I used. The thing is, before the paleo diet my skin was broken out on almost every inch of my face. Not anymore. I did tell her what face wash I use — which is nothing new, it’s something I’ve used for years. I then told her about our lifestyle and how I owe my clear skin to eating right and not my face wash.

To give you all an example, here is just a quick picture I found of me in 2007.

Primal Diet and Acne

When I was a teenager my doctor put me on a prescription of Benzaclin over many years which didn’t do anything to clear up my acne. I was off and on Benzaclin from 12 to 16 years old. The doctor wanted to put me on AccuTane but my mom wouldn’t let him because she thought it was too dangerous. So I lived with my acne.

Here’s a recent picture of my skin:

Paleo for Acne Treatment


I’m not used to being complimented on my beautiful skin. And I must say it feels great!

It’s not all about skin, though. Going paleo has done wonders for my hair.

Last January I chopped my hair off above shoulder length, which was a big change for me. My parents hated when I cut my hair. Growing up it was always down to my rear. After I cut it off, my hair was so damaged that I couldn’t get it to grow again — as it would grow it would just break off.

Well since going on a paleo diet, my hair has been growing really fast. A girl who I hadn’t seen in two weeks asked me when I got extensions done. She didn’t believe it was my actual hair. But it is. I promise.

So, today was a very exciting day for me. I’ve never got compliments on my skin, so compliments like these make me realize how awesome paleo really is.

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  • Awesome! Your hair and skin really do look amazing!

  • Wow, you inspire me. I have had bad acne my whole life. I am going to be 32 this year and I still have constant break outs on my face, back and chest and I hate it. it makes me very self conscious. One thing I am really hoping to get out of this experience is clear skin and I cannot wait. I start on Tuesday and I know it won’t be easy, but clear skin and a healthy body are worth it.

    • Thanks Tracy, I found that once we got into the lifestyle and started seeing results that sticking to it got easier. I wouldn’t even dream of going back to the way we used to eat.
      Good luck with everything!

  • Just today I had someone compliment my skin. She told me that she’s been noticing changes over the past few months, and commented specifically on my complexion and that I was “glowing”. It hadn’t even occurred to me, but it’s true. What a great unexpected benefit!

  • Wow, you look like an entirely different person! It shows that you’ve lost a lot of weight as well. Congrats :)

  • Thanks for reading and posting some encouragement. Success stories are always great to read along the way. Also, I have had some cystic acne problems the last couple years so it’s exciting to see your skin clear up. I’m sure you feel great.

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