FDA recalls ice cream after Typhoid Outbreak

Typhoid Ice Cream

The result of too much Ice Cream?

Add another potentially deadly recall to this years tally, after the FDA has warned of mamey-flavored ice cream sold under the La Nuestra brand has been tainted with the deadly bacteria Salmonella typhi — more commonly known as Typhoid Fever.

What irritates me about these is that the company, Montalvan Sales, Inc., has issued a “voluntary recall” of all mamey-flavored product. Isn’t that nice of them? A voluntary recall. Not that they were forced to recall their deadly product or anything. They were doing it for the health, respect, and well-being of the consumers… Until their next recall, that is.

Once you have a product that is making people ill you should be forced to recall it, pay for any damages, and PROVE that you have fixed the source of the problem. Period. ┬áIt’s getting ridiculous that you can’t even trust the FDA or USDA to do their jobs.

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