Third Fasting Blood Sugar Test

On Tuesday, Amanda went in for her third (!) test for gestational diabetes (GDM).

Her first test, where she had to drink 50 grams of glucose and they measured her blood sugar an hour later she failed. That brought on a “comprehensive test” which was supposed to tell us definitively whether or not she had gestational diabetes.

For the comprehensive test, they made her drink 100 grams of glucose and measured her blood sugar three times for the next three hours. She passed this test, but still was made to have dietary counseling and go in for yet another GDM test, even though this “comprehensive test” was supposed to tell us one way or the other if she had GDM or not.

Well, Amanda’s third test results are in and, of course, she passed. They made her take her blood sugar after fasting overnight and it was 78 mg/dL. The normal range for fasting blood sugar is anywhere from 65 to 95, so she was perfectly in range. Then they made her eat her breakfast at the doctor’s office and drew her blood two hours after that. Her second draw was 87 mg/dL, which is still in the normal range. The doctor said that he would consider anything over 120 mg/dL two hours after eating as high, but hers wasn’t anywhere near that. That’s the good news.

But despite passing the third test, and despite passing the second “comprehensive” test, the doctor is making her come in two more times for two-hour fasting blood draws. After that, if she passes, he says he will “lay off” as he was obviously astute enough to recognize we were getting irritated coming in and paying for tests for seemingly no reason.

Does this seem crazy to anyone else? Why are we being forced to prove that we don’t have GDM even after the tests say everything we are doing is completely within range?

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  • Erin:

    Short version – YES THIS IS CRAZY.

    Long(er) version – YES THIS IS CRAZY. One of the unintended consequences of being a parent is receiving unsolicited/unwanted advice. Everyone has an opinion. I know you don’t know me from Eve, other than the comments I’ve left on your blog. But from one parent to another, I hope you know that you do not have to be treated like this. You have the right to refuse tests. You have the right to say, “NO.” You have the right to choose how you want to go through your pregnancy, how you want to go through delivery, etc. You ahve the right to choose another doctor, if he/she is not respecting your wishes. You are the PARENTS here, and you have the POWER to make those decisions. Above anything else, I wish I would have known that I had the power to make those decisions when I was 19, pregnant and alone.

    Take care of yourself and each other. Take care of that beautiful precious gift growing inside of you. I know you will. :-)

    • Hi Erin,

      Thanks for the great reply. It was just the motivation we needed. Our fasting appointment was yesterday and we cancelled that one and met with the doctor who said that since our last tests were great he would leave us alone about the blood sugar levels.

      Just under 6 weeks left (the doctor seems to think she may come around 4 weeks), so we’re getting really close and really excited!

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