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Amanda on the Paleo DietMy name is Amanda, I’m 23, married and in school to be a hair stylist in Russellville, Arkansas.

I guess I’ve always had a weight problem, but not really. As a teenager I was very athletic. I was usually pretty fit. I played volleyball. When I look back at my high school pictures I can always tell when it was off season. I must have been 20 pounds heavier during those times.

Growing up, I had many “female” problems. I didn’t understand what PCOS was at the time. I just knew it was painful and the doctor mentioned surgery often because the scarring was terrible. Never once did my doctor mention a change in my diet.

I didn’t consider my diet as bad when I was growing up. I didn’t drink soda as a teenager or child. In my family our choice was milk, water, or unsweetened tea. My beverage of choice was usually milk. I think that probably 80% of my diet was dairy. I didn’t like meat then and I pretty much lived on pasta.

My mother would make dinner, mostly some kind of fish, and I would make some kind of pasta dish for myself. I usually made spaghetti noodles with olive oil and Parmesan cheese. That was a staple of my diet.

My husband and I got married when I was 18. When we started dating we began eating out a lot. I was out of high school by then and was no longer involved with high school sports. I ballooned up and fast.

I must have been around 180lbs when we got married. Eight months after we were married I was surprised to find out that I was pregnant. We were  both very excited. That excitement only lasted 7 1/2 weeks. It ended in a terrible, depressing miscarriage. I went to two doctors and neither knew what caused my miscarriage, but I blame my diet.

After the miscarriage I gained and gained more weight. I gained more weight until I was 260+ pounds. Wow. It hurts to say that. At the time, I didn’t realize I had gained that much.

I didn’t “feel fat” and I thought all the problems I was having was just normal day-to-day living. My back would hurt to where I would beg my husband for a massage every night. The week before we started Paleo, it had gotten to where I couldn’t hardly get out of bed without slouching over to relieve the pain. I was 22, but must have felt and looked like I was 90 years old.

I was in cosmetology school at the time and was on my feet 8-9 hours of the day. My feet were so sore by the time I would get home. My ankles would swell, I slept horribly, I could not get comfortable. It took me 30 to 60 minutes to fall asleep each night and I woke up at least 6 times a night from the pain. Usually more.

Just a short week or two after beginning the Paleo diet, it was weird to go to bed and fall asleep in 3 minutes. I almost didn’t even notice that I didn’t have back pain anymore. It just disappeared. Gone. Just like that. My feet were no longer sore even after a long day of standing in one spot.

My first menstrual cycle was awkward. Before I changed my diet, I could always tell I was about to start since I was laying across a heating pad in horrible pain days before. Well this one surprised me. I didn’t feel it coming. No menstrual cramps? No PMS? I thought all of that was a normal Menstrual thing that all women got.

The further along I got with eating Paleo, the easier it got. I thought that when I started this lifestyle that it would be hard to resist eating unhealthy things. I’m honestly not having to resist eating anything now. I just don’t want that stuff plain and simple.

There’s not a food I’ve craved over the last few months that I haven’t been able to “Paleoify.”

I can never see myself eating the way I used to eat, again. I’m disgusted to think of the things I used to eat and especially how often I ate them.

I’m thankful that we haven’t had kids yet and subjected them to the type of lifestyle we used to live. I can’t wait to raise a healthy family, eating natural, healthy foods.

Paleo has literally changed my life. I wake up in a better mood. I’m always happy. I just can’t help being happy. I owe it all to the Paleolithic lifestyle. I’m sure it’s just going to get better. I hope everyone gives themselves a chance at being happy.

- Amanda

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  • Hi Amanda! Your story is heart-breaking and uplifting at the same time. I am so impressed with your attitude and ability to move on, and take care of yourself. And I am so glad you are always happy! Me too. :-) Take care, Patty

  • Hi Amanda, I am delighted to have found yours & Richard’s blog. I am new to Paleo but finding my way. I sure am glad you learned about this at such a young age. Best, LN

  • Hi! I am so enjoying reading your blog – I have pcos but caught it early and did my own research to learn that my lifestyle was a HUGE component of it, unfortunately I found that out 3 years after developing it and 1 year after being diagnosed so I had already done my body a lot of harm. But I worked hard and now have a 8 month old daughter and am working to get my hormones under control again after having her:) Your blog is so inspiring to get active and treat my body as it should be!

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